Form FOC 115 MOTION REGARDING CHANGE OF DOMICILE/LEGAL RESIDENCE Use this form if: you have a pending case for divorce, separate maintenance, family support, custody, or paternity; or you have a judgment
foc 115

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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing foc 115

When you put your Florida address and the in context to turn based on where you live that determines where your return is electronically file to another determination another point of intent that you're a florida resident but also with your address your bank accounts should have the florida address your brokerage statement should have your florida address your charge accounts your utility bills for all of your homes because where do all your bills go okay all of you have a laptop and I guarantee ninety-five percent of you have an iPad because how else you going to get pictures of your grandchildren ok I'm going to Jay don't have grand dogs but everybody has an ipad if you can change the edges and get everything electronic because you know this as well I have to pay the water bill up north have to pay the utility bill up north I have to pay the trench removal of North get everything electronic and or by automatic payment this way you can put your Florida address and everything secondly in your northern state once you declare down the side let's say declared domicile on March 31st of 2016 for 2016 you will still file a return in your northern state as a non resident or a partier resident depending on the state all the states have different rules you file as a non-resident and they'll ask you when was the last date that you were a resident of our state and you put that date down your your return if your if your IRS return has your Florida address then your state return should have your for the address now that doesn't mean that you're exempt from filing returns in your northern state if you own a business in your northern state and you get a k1 from a subchapter S corporation or from a partnership and our LLC you're still going to be required to pay any tax on profits that you earn in that state only on those profits as a non-resident okay if you own rental property residential commercial etc if your own rental property in that state that does not exempt you from filing in that state you still have to pay tax on that profit okay and there are a couple other situations that we could get to but also like Brad said if you own a business there are ways that we can set up an LLC here in Florida for you to transact business as a manager of that northern company and shift a lot of your income 100% legally to Florida